Special Thanks to Mike Freeman, for his invaluable expertise in creating this website.

To my mother, Bonnie Heller Calder, who has been my third ear and with great thanks for her insights and support.

To my father, Peter Heller, for his belief and his perseverance in all he believed, and who showed the positive effect of music for someone who did not consider himself musical at all.

On site photography:  Mike Freeman, Darcy Sternberg

Website Design and Musical Engineering:  Mike Freeman

Guitar paintings by Linda Crawford

Guitar photo by Anne Haas (on chair with rust background)

CD artwork:  Mike Freeman, Andrea DiFiore

To all the great guitar teachers who shared their love of the guitar and taught me so much:  Richard Nieves, Tom Newman, Myron Weiss, and Paul Kaplan.

To Joyce Newton, Voice Teacher, and a woman of vision and focus, Guildhall School of Music and Drama who said "if you don't know or do something about your voice, you won't be able to sing much longer".  In otherwords, "Protect your instrument!"

Photographic reproduction guitar paintings: Graham Stuart 

To all the great musicians who played on these tracks and shared their musical brilliance.


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