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With Great Thanks to the Musicians:

United States

Lou Volpe, Electric Guitar

Phil Markowitz, Piano and Synth

Darryl Cornutt, Acoustic Bass

John McVey: Duet Vocal and Guitar on "Oh Darln' You Are My Song"

George Small:  piano

Ray Kilday: Acoustic Bass

Chip Fabrizi:  Percussion

Charles Ernst:  Synth

United Kingdom

Mick Pyne, Piano

Jeremy Freedman, Electric Guitar and Synth; Duet Vocal on "Love's The Song"

Paul Carmichael, Electric Bass

Allan Ganley, Percussion

Brian Mahon, Percussion

Duncan Lamont, Flute

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Lyrics and Music by Terry Heller

Terry Heller: Vocals and Acoustic Guitar

All Rights Reserved.

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